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Burgundian Consort Performance of "This Great Unrain"

I am excited to announce that the Burgundian Consort of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has released a recording of my Choral Cycle "This Great Unrain"

This work, set to a text by Carol Dance was created during the droughts and bushfires of 2019-2020.

From the Programme Note:

This Great Unrain is a choral cycle that takes Carol Dance’s text on the current state of Australian drought and paints it in multiple lights. It does so by teasing out various interpretations of the prose as the voices exclaim their lines in an overlapping and often non-linear fashion.

The music veers between bold declamatory statements, sombre moods and more uplifting optimistic moments, while the question of an undecided future overshadows the work as a whole. Each verse is separated to create the three short and contrasting movements:

Also released as part of this UNSW recording series were Composer Interviews. My brief ramble on this piece is below.

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