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Choral / Vocal

Within Black Voids (2021)

For SSAATTBB choir a cappella (ca. 6')
Text by Philip Eames and Nib Oswald

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"The concept of size, both great and small, extends in both directions. The poem, intentionally ambiguous to reflect this dichotomy, could apply equally to either end of the scale. The text consists only of words formed out of atomic symbols from the periodic table of elements"

*** NEW WORK ***

Spheres Poem.jpg

17 Incredibly Shocking Haikus for the Modern Age (2012-2020)

Song Cycle for Soprano and piano (ca. 11')
Text by Philip Eames

i. Divided, We Stand

ii. No Single Drop...

iii. The Fiery Rage

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i. Divided, We StandTisha Mahmud-Kelemen, Soprano / Philip Eames, Piano
00:00 / 03:05
iii. The Fiery RageTisha Mahmud-Kelemen, Soprano / Philip Eames, Piano
00:00 / 03:14

This Great Unrain: (2020) 

Choral Cycle

For SSATBB choir a cappella (ca. 12′)

Text by Carol Dance

i. This Great Unrain

ii. The Future We See

iii. We Will be as Birds

Winning work of the 2020 Willgoss Choral Composition Prize

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Great Unrain Cover.jpg
Sae Far Away Cover.jpg

Sae Far Away (2019)

For SATB choir a cappella (ca. 6')
Text by Robert Burns

Full Score (pdf) Download

"A lilting tribute to the beautiful Scotch airs that I explored while working through Percy Grainger's choral music. This is a setting of Robert Burn's evocative text 'My Native Land Sae Far Awa'"

Anchor Song (2018) 

For SATB choir a cappella (ca. 9′)

Text by Rudyard Kipling

Full Score (pdf) Download

"A soulful, plaintive shanty, where a crew describes their urgent preparations for departure, reminding themselves that although they may find safe harbour at times, their lives belong to the sea.

Anchor Song Cover2.jpg
O GOTT New Cover copy.jpg

O Gott! Ich Bin Nicht Sicher, von Deutsch Satzbau (2015)

For SATB choir, string quartet and piano(ca. 7')

(also for choir and chamber orchestra)
Text by Philip Eames

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"One of my most intricate and humourous works with an underlying cross-play between music and text, old and new. The title, in the guise of a Bach chorale, literally translates to "O God! I Do Not Understand German Syntax..."

O Gott ExcerptThe Australian Voices
00:00 / 01:51

Afterglow (2015) 

For SATB choir a cappella (ca. 5′)

Text by James Cooper

Contact me for score

"A four-part setting of Cooper's poetry aimed at an intermediate-level choir. Flowing oscillations in the accompaniment support a tender melody, painting a musical sunset that fades out with a gentle hum."

Afterglow copy2.jpg
Wakefield Cover.jpg

Wakefield (2014)

Chamber Opera for Soprano and Bass

Text by Bonnie Gardiner

Contact me for score

"A quirky yet oddly sadistic tale based on the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It follows Wakefield, an ordinary man who hides from his wife as a practical joke ... for twenty years."

Unending Love (2013) 

For Soprano and Piano (ca. 6′)

Text by Rabindranath Tagore

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Winning work of the 2012 Tagore Composition Prize

"A sentimental song setting of Tagore's well-known and ardently romantic poem. The music builds to reflect this enrapturing text, becoming swept up with its imagery."

Unending Love Cover2.jpg
Unending Love ExcerptGreta Bradman (Soprano)
00:00 / 01:04
Listen Cover2.jpg

Listen (2011)

Soprano and Piano (3')

Text by William Wordsworth

Contact me for score

"A colourful setting of Wordsworth's 'The Solitary Reaper.' A questioning melodic line weaves through cyclic piano sonorities."

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