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Calibrations Cover2.jpg

Calibrations (2019)

For Wind Symphony (ca. 7')

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"A simple, optimistic three note idea expands to become a vibrant work for wind symphony. It was inspired by my years as a pianist for the Queensland Wind Orchestra, and a chance encounter at the Grainger Museum in Melbourne, leading to its premiere by Grainger Wind Symphony as part of their 2019 Concert series.

O Gott! Ich Bin Nicht Sicher, von Deutsch Satzbau (2018)

For SATB choirand chamber orchestra(ca. 7')

(also for choir, string quartet and piano)
Text by Philip Eames

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"One of my most intricate and humourous works with an underlying cross-play between music and text, old and new. The title, in the guise of a Bach chorale, literally translates to "O God! I Do Not Understand German Syntax..."

O Gott Chamber Cover2.jpg
O Gott ExcerptThe Australian Voices
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Concerto Cover3.jpg

Clarinet Concerto (2016)

For clarinet solo and orchestra(ca. 15')

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"Originally entitled 'Chorale and Variations' the clarinet concerto takes a haunting theme and reconstructs it using a wild array of musical structures (marches, fugues, reels). The virtuosic clarinet part was inspired by and composed for the brilliant Queensland clarinettist Diana Tolmie"

To the Fore (2015)

For 16 musicians (no set duration)

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"An open score and conceptual experiment using a quasi concerto-grosso format, and two simultaneous games of Connect Four. The order of brief motivic fragments are determined by these matches within a driving, minimalist framework"

To the Fore Cover2.jpg
GSB Cover2.jpg

Grande Sonata Brillante (2014)

for violin, clarinet, cello, piano, double bass, drums (ca. 10')

Optional Morris Dancers

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"The intention was to directly clash with the expectations of the kind of person who’d go to see a piece called ‘Grande Sonata Brillante’ i.e.; a lush, romantic work for flamboyant piano virtuoso. Instead it’s a democratic chamber work for mixed genres and mediums, with the surreal Morris dancing concept undermining it all"

Diogenes' Barrel(2014)

for string quintet, percussion, piano and guitar(ca. 12')

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"A moto perpetuo with abrupt changes of pace, this energetic work sits on the crossroads between the percussive and lyrical. The unusual mix of instruments gives it a distinctive sonic flavour"

Barrel Cover2.jpg
Brigg Cover2.jpg

Brigg It On (2013)

for concert band (ca. 7')

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"A mash-up of two folk tunes: 'Brigg Fair' and the 'Agincourt Carol.' Coincidentally these were two tunes set to separate complex choral arrangements by Percy Grainger, but to my ear they seemed to compliment each other well"

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